Welcome to Saint Joseph´s Catholic Community


"Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor". PROVERBS 22:9


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food pantry

We provide food assistance to members of the local community who are experiencing or are at risk of hunger.
Proud to partner with Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies.

living and giving

Give to the Diocese of Cheyenne
Every gift to the Diocese of Cheyenne matters and is appreciated.
Thank you for your generosity that allows us to continue our shared mission.

How much faithful donate

How much money do you donate to your parish each week?

A web article that presents the results of a survey of the faithful who offer their donations at Mass.

Of Our Goal

Check the calendar of liturgical and pastoral activities


Pastor´s Vlog (Spanish)

get in touch

We want to build a solid community, so we hope to hear from you and your comments or concerns.

314 E 6th St. Cheyenne Wy, 82007

307 634 4625

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